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"Life is too precious to spend in selfish pursuit of one's own hopes and dreams. Let the choices you make include the welfare of others and let all your goals be rooted in wisdom." - LJC

      Summer Palace released on December 27, 2003 is the latest recording by Louis Joseph Crescenti and was produced specifically for distribution in Russia. The album is a compilation of his four earlier recordings and includes three new pieces that celebrate the composer's love for the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. A December 27 Solo Concert at Bullshoy Hall in St. Petersburg underscored the occasion and was one of many exciting highlights to Crescenti's 9th trip to Russia. His Winter 2003 tour concluded in Munich, Germany on Dec. 31. While Summer Palace was manufactured and released in Russia for foreign distribution by Granat Design & Marketing Studio limited quantities of product are available in the United States. Those interested should inquire through this web-site.

      The Maestro's placid soundscapes are colorful and endearing. His sensitive use of dynamics enable these gentle creations to evoke feelings of deep peace and tranquillity. While a brilliant variety of mood and signature may remind some New Age listeners of YANNI, John Tesh, or George Winston, Crescenti's deep regard for traditional harmony insures a genuine signature.

      In August of 2003 CEO of Stockmarketstore.com Candy Farricielli approached Crescenti after she discovered his meditative music was the perfect complement to the trading environment. The company has since released a two volume collection of Crescenti's music in a series called Music for the Contemplative Trader. Sadly Christine Farricielli has since past away after a long illness. Her dream continues under the direction of her husband Charles Shaff. The music is available on line along with other specialty products targeted to the stock market minded. WWW.Stockmarketstore.com for traders and investors who aspire to excel.

      Crescenti's Deep Peace Studio was responsible for the July 2003 release of Hilke Sirmans STANDERDS CD. STANDERDS is a blue grass project that Crescenti himself personally engineered, mixed, and mastered. For details on the release and availability visit BobHilke.com

      Whether scoring his own music videos, sound painting, or nursing his latest passion for visual art (painting on canvas), Crescenti's creative pursuits seem boundless. He is currently in the midst of recording an audio tutorial for Lemond Language Consulting of Paris & NY. The institute specializing in accent reduction has retained Crescenti to engineer the project, participate in the voice over process, and score each segment with original music. www.LemondLanguage.com

      The Sacred Garden was published in 2001 and is the Artist's first recording of fully orchestrated works. Scores include a wide range of instrumental ensembles, variety of special effects, percussion, and sounds of nature (rain, dolphins, birds, etc.) In these evocative arrangements for virtual orchestra we find that the Artist has once again knitted in timeless perfection an instrumental awakening of harmonics and intervals that mirror the symmetry of the heavens.

      In March of 1997 Louis Joseph Crescenti unveiled for the first time in concert a specially prepared electronic keyboard called the Virtual Orchestra. The performance was a journey into time and space founded by an elaborate array of sound samplers and special effects. The Virtual Orchestra uses sophisticated sound technology to accomplish a soothing yet dramatic accompaniment of unlimited instrumentation via MIDI (musical instrument device interface). Sacred Garden utilizes this dreamy orchestral fabric with infinite versatility, allowing Crescenti's tone poems to elevate the mood of his listeners like never before. From preprogrammed foot pedals the Artist can include an even greater dimension of effects such as: the rolling surf, the crash of thunder and lighting, wind chimes, rain sticks, bell trees, sounds of night in the African rain forest, and the echoing voices of angels, whales, and wolves. Because of it's portability the virtual orchestra has opened new performance venues to Crescenti while granting him access to an extraordinary palette of and rare and ancient instruments from which to create with. As a system for both live performance and recording the virtual orchestra doesn't replace the acoustic piano but rather integrates it into a network of sound generators and samplers that can more fluently cooperate with his musical instincts.

      The selections featured on the Wellsprings album are between 6-9 minutes in length. Similar to Crescenti's first recording Music for the Contemplative Mind the music was composed prior to the recording process, unlike the many freely improvised sound paintings found on his second release entitled Water & Oil. The selections found on Wellsprings were recorded live and chosen from several of Crescenti's most inspired performances. To maintain a purely congruous listening environment the applause and other distracting intrusions normally associated with the live recording were digitally removed. The result is the spontaneity and ambiance of a live performance, the sacred communion between composer and audience, and the unparalleled character of a Steinway piano.

      The tone poems vary greatly from one movement to the next and follow Crescenti's distinctive formula of flooding the banks of one's imagination with his unique Third Stream lyricism. There is no escaping the impact of these vibrant journeys as they guide even the most contemplative of minds to the alter of surprise over and over again. In contrast to Water & Oil, which may lend it's listeners more time to relax, fans will find Wellsprings a suspenseful unfoldment of living energy as well as peaceful moments.

      In January 2001 Crescenti released for a second time his debut recording Music for the Contemplative Mind - an evening of solo piano. The May 4, 1991 Concert was performed at the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts in New Haven CT. The new release has been digitally edited to remove applause and other undesirable artifacts associated with the live performance. The warmth and character of the prestigious hall and instrument were carefully preserved while the context of the listening field was improved. Listeners will fall in love with this music all over again as these suspenseful classics are born again in a fresh and transcendental atmosphere.

      His summer 2000 trip to Russia included a three month commitment in St. Petersburg during which time the Maestro spent three days recording at the St. Petersburg Office of Radio & Television. The sessions yielded over 5 hours of new solo piano music performed on the German classic 9' Bosendorfer grand piano. Crescenti is already in the process of sculpting some of the new works with his extraordinary sound painting technique - but promises that some of the pieces will remain as piano solos. Above the Clouds will be the title of the work now in production and our best guess is that it will be made available to the public sometime in 2002.

      Mr. Crescenti holds a M.S. in Instructional Technology and a B.A. in Communications. He has been the founder / coordinator of God's Love Outreach to Russian Youth from 1994 - 2000. In so doing he administrated eight humanitarian campaigns to Russia in order to dispense medical supplies, spiritual guidance, love and compassion to underprivileged children in St. Petersburg. His teaching and mentoring of children through the introduction of basic spiritual principals was the primary focus of G.L.O.R.Y. In addition to his role as teacher he was also responsible for the recruiting, fund raising, team building, and overall leadership of the trips. It is his belief that a foundation of Godly values is essential in equipping young people with a balanced view of themselves, the world around them, and they're own destiny.

      2009 was a challenging year as the Maestro elected to enrole in an extended unit of Chaplaincy Education at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, CT. A member of the Yale University Hospital group Bridgeport Hospital's Spiritual Care Department is one of the finest in New England. Since completing the program in April of 2010 he awaits acceptance to an internship program at one of the locally accredited facilities.

      Vision of Sound Painting: True Health is a balanced development of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. It has always been my design that Art and Spirituality can be combined to increace one's awareness of God. As a pioneer to that end in whatever expression I engage is how I would like to be remembered. My love for music composition & performance has been more recently eclipsed by Painting and Video Production. Videography is like painting with motion pictures, a vehical that has challenged my imagination like no other artform and has therefore become one of my most satisfying persuits. Next to Painting that is and the Singing Canvas - which gives viewers of select artwork to be listeners as well.

      Having dedicated his career to presenting devotional music in a way that would facilitate an inspirational exchange of practical spiritual stimulus it is important to connect with people who are moving forward on they're inner journey. If this is you - your continued support is encouraged. Those interested in becoming involved in any of the aforementioned pursuits should E-mail or write to the Artist and define they're intentions.      


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