Instrumental Awakening

In the process of unfolding is what will be the Maestro's sixth release entitled Above the Clouds.
The title was taken from the name of a composition featured on Water & Oil.
It is likely listeners will find an orchestrated version of it on this album.
The new title is clearly representative of what has become the artist's trademark style for composing -
transformational music that is simply out of this world.

The music is once again being scored with musical instruments from around the world
as well with commonly used acoustic and synthetic instruments.
Care will be given to the solo piano and it's pressence in the mix will be considerable.
Most of the piano tracks were recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia
where Crescenti has spent a great deal of time savoring the sights and sounds.
A place he considers to be his second home and spiritual power center.
Arrangements will vary widely but it is his plan to keep some of the music almost entirely piano.

To learn more about this extraordinary work read the notes found in the Press Release.

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